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Luxury Candles

Designer and Sculptress of Candles

Laurine's  Candles


1. Everything starts with what is called the core of the candle which has a star shape... and the first step consists in dipping this core in liquid coloured wax. It is imperative to monitor the temperature of the liquid paraffin during soaking.


 If the wax was not hot enough, it would harden too quickly and it would no longer be possible to sculpt it, and if the wax was too hot, it would be very difficult to fix the different layers of wax, it would slide without settling.


 2. The second stage is the sculpture itself. This is the most interesting and creative part of the process.

She gives free rein to her imagination and creativity. The artist must decide in advance on the design so that its movements are fast and accurate, because there is only a quarter of an hour left before the candle cools and hardens.

 3. The third and final step is to soak the carved candle in a special acrylic lacquer to create shine and protect the candle from external damage and dust accumulation.


The result is a stunning unique candle, which is a work of art even when it does not burn.

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