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           Valentine's Day: romantic love gifts


You are looking for a gift idea for Valentine's Day ?

A beautiful candle as a Valentine's gift for man.

A luxury candle as a Valentine's Day gift idea for woman.

For your beloved, these carved candles, so that their flame illuminates and warms your love, this eternal flame with a small personal note, for him or her.

Let us guide you to find a Valentine's Day gift for women, an unusual gift, among a wide choice of candles.

Valentine's Day, February 14, is coming soon, the feast of lovers par excellence.

The Feast of Love is the perfect occasion to make a declaration of love, express your feelings, perpetuate the warmth in your love story with a Valentine's Day gift.


We exchange little sweet words, we celebrate our love around a romantic meal at home or in a restaurant and we conclude this beautiful evening with a gift and it is there that everything gets complicated, what gift to offer for Valentine's Day?

An original gift to stand out and surprise.

Whether it is for a man, a woman, a husband, a wife, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a suitor, we have at heart to give pleasure by offering a gift for Valentine's Day at the height of our feelings and it is there that the personalized gift for man and woman intervenes and takes all its meaning.

An original Valentine's Day gift idea for a romantic gift.


Pamper your partner by offering him a unique gift with this selection of decorative carved candles, candles that will accompany your evenings in love, a gift that you can accompany with a personal message and have delivered.

Original and personalized gift idea for the Valentine's Day for men and women

Romantic gift: love gift created to say, I love you

44.82 EUR

Romantic gift: a gift of love created especially to say, I love you.


For a love story to last in time, it needs small daily attentions, proofs of love and gifts are part of it, and to please the one who shares your life, to show your love, choose a romantic gift, a gift that is original and personalized like this white and blue carved candle.


An original candle that will please both a man and a woman because a candle can create a subdued atmosphere during a romantic meal or serve as a decorative object.


Height: + or - 8.26 inch (21 cm)

Top diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

Bottom diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)



The +

       * a candle carved entirely by hand

       * a unique candle in limited edition

       * a quality candle

       * a customizable candle in terms of colors

       * an artisanal creation resulting from the craft industry of luxury

       * a symbolic gift for men

       * a sentimental gift for woman

       * a candle of French manufacture

       * a free delivery gift

       * a listening and a dialogue to satisfy you

       * a tracked delivery

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