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My name is Sandra and I am 42 years old, here is for the basic presentation, more seriously, I have spent a large part of my life in hairdressing not to say all my life, because I have bathed in this environment since very small, an environment that fascinated me as much by its creativity as by the originality of the work that one could do, and then the years passed and as many of you my passions and my interests evolved, and a little more than 3 years ago now (in my forties, I must admit), I had to question myself, like:

Are you really happy in your professional life?

Did you achieve the goals you set yourself?


 Are you really made for hairdressing.....


 And it has to be said that being a passionate person (I can't imagine doing a job just to fill my fridge), mine no longer fulfilled me at all, that I had the impression that I no longer belonged in this environment, in short that I no longer took any pleasure in creating, and that was the tragedy for me, because my professional life had always been traced to the end of my days, and I had to start all over again, with these questions: what you want to do, how you want to do it, etc..

And then one beautiful day, I stumbled completely by chance on a video which showed the art and the way to create carved candles, and for me, it was THE REVELATION, I had just fallen madly in love with this art, because let's not be afraid of words, it's an art in its own right, and being self-taught by nature, I tried to reproduce what I found on the net (the beginnings of creation were more than laborious, because my candles looked like anything but carved candles, a real catastrophe) but being persevering, it was out of the question that I gave up, so I went on and on and on and my patience was rewarded, all that hairdressing did not bring me any more, I finally found it in the realization of my candles, namely creativity, passion, inspiration....

I like the idea that in each candle I create, it is a part of me that I transmit, I like to arouse emotions specific to each, creates exceptional candles, because each person is unique, the idea of having the same thing as others makes no sense to me, this is what I try to make feel through my work, values that are paramount to my eyes..: passion, envy, originality, gentleness, authenticity, inspiration and many other things that would be too long to list.



 I want my work to be a wonder, a chic and elegant gift, a unique and mysterious gift.

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