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Luxury Candles

Designer and Sculptress of Candles

Laurine's  Candles


                          Decorative and sculpted craft candles






More than a decorative candle, a hand carved candle, a personalized and customizable candle, a unique work of art to amaze or create an intimate atmosphere.

What are
carved candles, anyway?

carved candles is above all a craft product resulting from a passion for creation and a manual trade.

For the record,
carved candles appeared in Italy in the XVI ème century, a baroque style that revolutionized the candle market over time from a classic basic product to an inimitable and timeless luxury product.

An art that cannot be learned in any school unless it is through passion and perseverance, unique pieces, because no model can be reproduced to accuracy, because each
candle is entirely carved by hand, this is what makes its charm and rarity, a true craft.

It is in my workshop of manufacture that I create and sculpt my candles, according to my mood and my imagination of the moment, the seasons are also a great source of inspiration..:

in winter my
decorative candles will wear more towards cold colors such as blue, green or purple and on the contrary in summer, I would be more inspired by warm colors such as yellow, red and orange.


 Sculpture on candles is for me a real passion, and I put all my love in each of my creations, and knowing that each candle is handmade, slight differences can appear compared to the photos, because no candle can and will never be reproduced identically, which makes it a unique piece.

VERY IMPORTANT: several options are proposed to you


                 * Option 1: Candle only

                 * Option 2: Candle + gift wrap

                 * Option 3: Candle + gift wrap + personalized message



 If however you wish another color than the one presented in the photo, thank you to inform me by message.



I request a delay of 5 to 7 working days for design and shipping.



I take particular care with each of my creations and even more with the packaging to ensure that your order arrives intact, and a tracking number is communicated to you to avoid any disappointment.


Do not hesitate to contact me for any information.

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