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Birthday gifts: original gift for women and gifts for men

Anniversary woman: a birthday gift is chosen according to the personality, tastes and age of the person to whom the gift is intended, in fact whether you are looking for an original gift woman, who perhaps a friend, a sister, a mother, a girlfriend, a wife, a grandmother, the choice will be more on a unique gift, a romantic gift, a gift of love, a gift for her.

Birthday man: you wanted a gift for man birthday as for your father, your husband, a brother, a friend, a boyfriend the choice will be more on a personalized gift, an original gift man, unusual gifts, gifts for him anyway you will find a wide selection of carved candles and decorative craft ideal as gift idea, original gifts for men.

Whether it is once a year or every 10 years to mark with these decorative candles crafted from your ideas, with my know-how to wish a happy birthday.

The different ranges of harmoniously blended colors, hand carved candles and / or personalized and / or decorated for the person or occasion for which it will be created, this decorative candle with unique design to which you can add a personal message will be delivered in its gift packaging, ready to be opened to amaze the loved one for whom it is intended a unique gift for a magical birthday.

Original and personalized birthday gift idea for men and women

Design gift: an original and customizable gift

44.82 EUR

Design gift: an original and customizable gift.


A trendy gift for a man?


Let yourself be guided through a wide choice of gift ideas for men, decorative gifts, because decoration is no longer exclusively a woman's business and men are also sensitive to it.

Open the doors of a new world: that of refinement and more precisely of elegance which will be of setting with this candle black and white design.


A carved candle of baroque style straight from the imagination of a designer and creator of original candles to suggest a rare and unique gift.


Neutral, very masculine colours that will blend into any style of decoration for men, from modern to classic, passing through minimalism, this decorative candle will find its place to create a warm atmosphere or a subdued atmosphere.

       Height: + or - 8.26 inch (21 cm)

       Top diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

       Bottom diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)


     * a design gift created just for you

     * a carved candle entirely by hand


     * a decorative candle in limited edition


     * a candle customizable at the level of the colors according to your tastes


     * a quality candle


     * a customization to measure 


     * a unique creation


     * a candle artisanale of French manufacture


     * a gift wrapping + personalized message offered for any order equal or superior to 100 € (out of options)


     * an tracking delivery


     * a delivery offered in the European Union


     * a listening and a dialogue to satisfy you 


     * secure payment


     * satisfied or refunded



 Delivery is offered in the European Union

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