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Luxury Candles

Designer and Sculptress of Candles

Laurine's  Candles























Invitation to a journey within my passion, to find a unique and artistic candle.              

Take an ordinary basic product and make an extraordinary gift out of it.

A wonderful and mysterious gift, to have stars in your eyes.

A simple candle lights up, mine surprise and surprise, then do not hesitate any more and trust me to realize, starting from your idea, the candle which is intended for you.


          * Manufacture of artisanal candle for an interior decoration with            your image.

          * decorative candles as a centerpiece.

          * Luxury candles from French craftsmanship and know-how                    acquired over the years, for high-end work.





































In addition to soothing the flame, my carved candles are unique creations which by their artistic design, will enrich your interior decoration with a note of exception.


Imprint of your personality, your emotions and your feelings, you will be able to select in a palette of colors your personalized carved candle.

Unscented candles for home decoration, wedding candles, essential centerpiece for all your events.

          * a big candle as an unusual gift.

          * a customizable candle for a unique gift.

          * a personalized candle for an original gift.






























Sculpture on candles is for me a real passion, and I put all my love in each of my creations, and knowing that each candle is handmade, slight differences can appear compared to the photos, because no candle can and will never be reproduced identically, which makes it a unique piece.


However, if you would like a different colour than the one shown in the picture, please inform me by message.

I request a delay of 5 to 7 working days for design and shipping.

I take particular care with each of my creations and even more with the packaging to ensure that your order arrives intact, and a tracking number is communicated to you to avoid any disappointment.

Because your satisfaction is paramount: 

         * Delivery is offered in the European Union.

         * The gift wrapping as well as the personalized message is                     offered to you for any order equal or superior to 100€.

         * Payment is completely secure and you do not have to have a                 Paypal account to pay by credit card.

         * You are satisfied or refunded (only the shipping costs remain               with your load), and you choose if you wish a credit on the site, a           refund or an exchange.

         * The delivery is made mainly by colissimo and a number of                   follow-up is communicated to you to avoid any disappointment.

         * A unique know-how, a personalized and made to measure                     manufacture (you have a precise idea in head of what you wish, no           problem make me share and we will study the possibilities of                 personalization together, that it is for you or to offer, for a                   special occasion, we will find the candle which corresponds to               your waitings).

         * The quality because being demanding by nature, it is                         inconceivable for me to send you a candle if I feel that it would             not live up to your expectations.

         * I am at your disposal from the beginning to the end of the                   order, whether you have any questions, because this candle                   remains yours above all and I create it for you.


         * You have the assurance that each candle will be designed                   according to your expectations, because I only work on order,                 which guarantees you an exceptional product, and therefore a                 delay of 5 to 7 working days is required for the design and                   shipping.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information.


bougies sculptées

Valentine's Day gift idea "Selith"

44.82 EUR

Stand out and create a sensation with an original and romantic Valentine's Day gift, an extraordinary gift for men and women.


Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers par excellence is synonymous with love and sharing with the loved one, and to create a softer atmosphere what better than candles, essential element of the evening in love that will accompany you by bringing a romantic and intimate atmosphere, whether to offer or to accompany your Valentine's Day meal, be original with this carved candle created in tones of white, pink and blue.

This hand carved and decorative candle would be ideal as a personalized gift for any occasion: Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Wedding gift, Housewarming gift.

A unique gift for man and woman

Height: + or - 8.26 inch (21 cm)

Top diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

Bottom diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

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