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                  Original Christmas present



Soon Christmas and the countdown to starting that of Christmas gifts, Christmas decoration and table decoration for Christmas.

Christmas is the occasion to gather all the people who are dear to you, to share a convivial moment around a good table, to skip the family tensions to remember only the good moments, then dare to stand out with an original gift with a surprising design, a Christmas gift for men, an original gift for woman which will dazzle by its elegance and its refinement the dear person to whom you will offer this present.

A unique gift that will find its place in any environment, a personalized candle, a carved candle created just for this occasion and that will remain an exceptional gift, a decorative candle that will decorate your Christmas table to complete your interior decoration.

Original and personalized Christmas gift idea for men and women

Christmas table decoration: candles customizable according to your desires

36.24 EUR

For your Christmas table decoration, think of a customizable candle according to your desires.

Christmas table decoration is part of the Christmas holiday traditions, an elegant decorative touch with pretty crockery, beautiful glasses, table runners, glitter, garlands, candles to give an intimate atmosphere, floating candles...

Each personalised his decoration according to his tastes, and to stay in the spirit of Christmas I propose you to complete your table decoration with this wax candle, hand carved, a red and white decorative candle as centerpiece, a candle with original design, a Christmas ornament that will blend to highlight your Christmas table.

     Height: + or - 5.11 inch (13 cm)

     Top diameter: + or - 2.75 inch (7 cm)

     Bottom diameter: + or - 2.75 inch (7 cm)

The +:

       * an original Christmas table decoration 

   * a personalized decoration for Christmas

        * a carved candle entirely by hand


       * a decorative candle in limited edition


       * a candle customizable at the level of the colors according to your tastes


       * a quality candle


       * a customization to measure 


       * a unique creation


       * a candle artisanale of French manufacture


       * a gift wrapping + personalized message offered for any order equal or superior to 100 €

(out of options)


       * an tracking delivery


       * a delivery offered in the European Union


       * a listening and a dialogue to satisfy you 


       * secure payment


       * satisfied or refunded









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