06 01 59 03 48         Exclusive services           Delivery is offered in the European Union

 06 01 59 03 48         Exclusive services           Delivery is offered in the European Union


Luxury Candles

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Laurine's  Candles


                   Original gifts for a couple

You are looking for a gift idea for a couple, a gift that will please both the man and the lady.

Why not a useful gift, a decoration gift for the house.

We all have a couple around us, whether it's our parents, our friends, our co-workers or our neighbours and occasionally:

                * an invitation to a housewarming party.

                  * to thank people you care about

                  * or simply being invited to a dinner, do not arrive empty-handed and do not fall into simplicity                                           or banality and dare originality with a personalized gift.

A carved candle with a unique design and to offer a gift to a couple, an original gift which out of the ordinary for extraordinary people, and this, in any circumstance :

                  * a gift for Valentine's Day lovers

                  * a personalised couple gift idea for a birthday party

                  * find the perfect gift for a wedding anniversary

                 * or simply a romantic gift to celebrate a love story.

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