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        Father's Day gift idea: original gift idea

Custom carved candles, which express your importance, to illuminate the family of which you are the pillar.

Father's Day is an opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to your father, a day in his honour to show him how much you love him, a day to pamper him, to please him, and to offer him a true gift of love, a gift for him.

But finding the right gift for your dad is much more delicate than it seems, apart from the traditional gifts that come back every year like the lighter, the bottle of wine, the perfume, the tie, the book, this year you aspire to give him a personalized gift, an original Father's Day gift, to surprise and amaze him, because Father's Day may be every year but for you dad, this hand carved candle, created especially for you, a unique creation like you, and if you can never be with your father that day; you can have your gift delivered with a personal message.

Father's Day gift: offer originality

Father's Day gift idea: a gift created just for you

36.24 EUR

Father's Day gift idea: Father's Day is symbolic, but it's your dad's day.


Say good dad feast and thank you for everything you do for me, here is a strong message that every father wants to hear, and to prove your love you have at heart to show him how great a dad he is, it is essential to find him a gift out of the ordinary like him, because your dad is exceptional, but finding an unusual gift for man on the occasion of Father's Day is more complicated than it seems.



That is why I offer you an original gift idea for the perfect Father's Day with this candle craft black and white, a candle carved in a baroque style and with neutral colors, an original candle that would suit perfectly for this special occasion, because men too are sensitive to personalized gifts and interior decoration.

     Height: + or - 5.11 inch  (13cm)

     Top diameter: + or -2.75 inch  (7 cm)

     Bottom diameter: + or - 2.75 inch  (7 cm)

The +

     * a personalized gift for Father's Day

     * a carved candle entirely by hand


     * a decorative candle in limited edition


     * a candle customizable at the level of the colors according to your tastes


     * a quality candle


     * a customization to measure 


     * a unique creation


     * a candle artisanale of French manufacture


     * a gift wrapping + personalized message offered for any order equal or superior to 100 €

(out of options)


     * an tracking delivery


     * a delivery offered in the European Union


     * a listening and a dialogue to satisfy you 


     * secure payment


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 Delivery is offered in the European Union

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