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candles handcrafted in France designed by a designer, luxury candles both by their quality and their design for a high-end result, passion is born quality...

Decorative carved candles that you will not find anywhere else, because they are unique creations straight out of my imagination and creativity, candles that are handcrafted and therefore unique and that you can personalize and accompany with a message just as personal.

More than
decorative candles, hand carved candles, personalized and customizable, unique works of art to amaze, or to offer an original and craft gift.

carved candles are ideal as a personalized gift for any occasion.

Thank you gift:

you are invited to a friend's house for a housewarming party or a birthday, to your parents or in-laws for a family meal and you are looking for a
gift for a couple because you do not want to arrive empty-handed but want an original gift other than the traditional bottle of wine or the classic bouquet of flowers, then opt for an unusual gift with a hand-carved candle, a candle to offer as a gift for the house.

Every invitation is an opportunity to express sympathy, and finding the
perfect gift is a way to say thank you whether it's for the hostess or a special person.

Love gift:

a declaration of love to make, celebrate his union or just the pleasure of offering as proof of love.

symbolic gift for women or a romantic gift for men.

Let yourself be guided to make the right choice.

Original birthday present:

birthday gifts for men or an original gift idea for women, the choice is such that we do not always know what gift to offer, we are looking for a unique and personalized gift
, carved candles will be the perfect gift.

medium carved candles

Gift idea pleasure to offer "Threndra"

47.45 EUR


A gift just for the pleasure of giving, we like to prove our love through attentions and small gifts that prove our attachment, whether for a woman, a colleague, a sister, a friend, a sister-in-law, a mother, a grandmother, who is 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old and beyond, make the choice of a personalized and original gift with this beautiful hand carved candle, red and white, inlaid with small golden pearls as well as red flowers to recall the dominant color.


Give her a customizable gift, a gift she won't soon forget.


Much more than a candle, a work of art, a unique and exceptional piece.


This hand carved and decorative candle would be ideal as a personalized gift for any occasion: Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Wedding gift, Housewarming gift.

A unique gift for man and woman

Height: + or - 6.69 inch (17 cm)

Top diameter: + or - 1.96 inch (5 cm)

Bottom diameter: + or - 2.75 inch (7 cm)

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