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Luxury Candles

Designer and Sculptress of Candles

Laurine's  Candles


                 Exceptional luxury candles

Designer of luxury candles, candles of exception high-end, from the French crafts, find my creations among a selection of hand carved candles, whose watchwords are: refinement, elegance, prestigious, exceptional.



I think, elaborate and create my d
ecorative candles according to my imagination and my inspiration, which makes it a unique candle, because a candle has become a real decorative object in its own right, that it can sublimate and create a warm and cosy atmosphere, this style of baroque candles represents a unique know-how that is not learned in any school but in passion, art and creativity, they are particularly suitable for a personalized decoration, an extraordinary gift, candles for an event for a magical evening.

Large carved candles

Couple's Gift House Gift Idea: Customized Original Gift

44.82 EUR

Gift idea housewarming couple: an original gift for a couple, personalized and created to measure, a gift idea for a housewarming party.


Moving into a new home or more commonly known as a housewarming party is celebrated by a meal or a party, bringing together the most important people in your life to share your new happiness whether it is for a young couple, a new home, a family, a man or a woman, and the tradition wants that one brings a gift for this new house, a gift carries luck, a present symbolizing a new departure having a bond with the apartment or the house, and this is why this candle carved in the tones of yellow and green pastel will know how to harmonize with the new decoration.

A unique gift for man and woman


Height: + or - 8.26 inch (21 cm)

Top diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

Bottom diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

The +

       * a candle carved entirely by hand

       * a unique candle in limited edition

       * a quality candle

       * a customizable candle in terms of colors

       * an artisanal creation resulting from the craft industry of luxury.

       * a candle of French manufacture

       * a free delivery gift

       * a listening and a dialogue to satisfy you

       * a tracked delivery

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