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    Personalized candle for a home decor that looks like you


Want to change your interior design?

You have furnishing projects and you are looking for a new decoration for your living room, to find a design object on a shelf, to have a pretty table decoration, an intimate room decoration to recharge your batteries, that's what I propose you with a selection of personalized candles, made to measure for a top-of-the-range result.

Hand carved candles in baroque style, decorative candles in original and varied shapes, a wide choice of mood candles with an average size of 15 centimeters, in a wide range of colors such as black, white, red, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, beige, brown and pastel colors.

Whether you have a design style, modern, classic, Scandinavian, shabby chic or other, relooke your interior with a unique decorative object, the extra touch that will make the difference to give your home a cosy atmosphere.

Feel free to add a touch of novelty in your home with a personalized candle to create a warm and soothing atmosphere, by choosing a decorative candle created by a wax craftsman which guarantees you a quality candle, whether for your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen, in an entrance or on a fireplace, each of them will find its place to bring the missing decorative accessory in your home.

Small carved candles

Father's Day gift idea: a gift created just for you

36.24 EUR

Father's Day gift idea: Father's Day is symbolic, but it's your dad's day.


Say good dad feast and thank you for everything you do for me, here is a strong message that every father wants to hear, and to prove your love you have at heart to show him how great a dad he is, it is essential to find him a gift out of the ordinary like him, because your dad is exceptional, but finding an unusual gift for man on the occasion of Father's Day is more complicated than it seems.



That is why I offer you an original gift idea for the perfect Father's Day with this candle craft black and white, a candle carved in a baroque style and with neutral colors, an original candle that would suit perfectly for this special occasion, because men too are sensitive to personalized gifts and interior decoration.

     Height: + or - 5.11 inch  (13cm)

     Top diameter: + or -2.75 inch  (7 cm)

     Bottom diameter: + or - 2.75 inch  (7 cm)

The +

     * a personalized gift for Father's Day

     * a carved candle entirely by hand


     * a decorative candle in limited edition


     * a candle customizable at the level of the colors according to your tastes


     * a quality candle


     * a customization to measure 


     * a unique creation


     * a candle artisanale of French manufacture


     * a gift wrapping + personalized message offered for any order equal or superior to 100 €

(out of options)


     * an tracking delivery


     * a delivery offered in the European Union


     * a listening and a dialogue to satisfy you 


     * secure payment


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 Delivery is offered in the European Union

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