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      Original, unique and personalized wedding gift idea

Through my creations specially designed for this occasion, these candles craft unique design will be the perfect reflection of emotions to symbolize this union, or to decorate your wedding tables with a note of exception, according to a chosen theme, and different variants of harmonious and bright colors will transform your centerpieces or integrate into your bouquets to sublimate this day.

Wedding anniversary: celebrate your wedding anniversary as it should be with a gift that will be unforgettable and personalized.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is not insignificant, especially nowadays when divorce is most present.

Whether it's your first wedding anniversary, which is the wedding of cotton, your 9 years of wedding, which is the faience wedding, your 11 years of wedding, which symbolizes the coral wedding, your 39 years of wedding, which are the crepe wedding or your 60 years of wedding that represent the diamond wedding, tradition wants to wish a happy wedding anniversary, celebrate a happy couple and true love we offer a birthday present, a symbolic gift, a romantic gift, a gift of love, because offering a gift that day is very important and reinforces your love, so let yourself be tempted by an original and surprising gift idea with my hand-carved candles, which in plus to please, will remain as a unique decorative object as your wedding.

Wedding gift: Wedding is a strong symbol of love, a commitment we make for life, and we want a gift worthy to celebrate that love whether it is a romantic wedding or a traditional wedding, the question remains the same: what gift to offer for a wedding.

Some will choose a wedding speech, a financial contribution to the honeymoon, household equipment, high-tech equipment but all this remains in the line of traditional gifts and if you want to stand out with an unusual wedding gift, a classy wedding gift make the choice of a decorative candle, an artisanal candle, a candle carved according to your desires which will remain like an exceptional creation for this wedding day so that your life is like a candle, lit and warm, and that its unique design accompanies you throughout your life to remind you of this magic day.

An original wedding gift specially designed for this occasion, customizable in a thousand ways so that its flame carries your love forever.

Wedding table decoration: You are getting married and besides the wedding vows speech, wedding invitations, wedding hall, wedding planning it is time to think about wedding hall decoration and more specifically your table centerpieces.

A pretty bouquet of flowers, a few vases, a little ribbon, floating candles will decorate your table with a festive decorative touch and to personalize your wedding table decorations, dare originality with a decorative candle, a hand carved candle, created according to your desires to surprise your wedding guests and accompany you throughout this important day.

From refinement to glamour everything is possible, because my creations will be related to the theme of your wedding.

Original, unique and personalized wedding gift idea

Engagement gift idea "Osiris"

44.82 EUR

The tradition is to offer a ring when you ask for an engagement, but why not shake up these old customs a bit.


A request in engagement is something very symbolic, it is the officialization before the ultimate stage that is the marriage, and to modernize all that, I propose you this candle hand carved, in a baroque style, marrying the black, blue, green, yellow and pink, a sufficiently original and personalized gift to immortalize this so particular request.


This hand carved and decorative candle would be ideal as a personalized gift for any occasion: Mother's Day gift, Father's Day gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Wedding gift, Housewarming gift.

A unique gift for man and woman

Height: + or - 8.26 inch (21 cm)

Top diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

Bottom diameter: + or - 2.36 inch (6 cm)

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